With DIY Wooden Shutters, you can make your own shutter kit and have it delivered to you ready for DIY fitting. Our wooden shutters are custom made to your measurements and then built into a kit. It is perfect for people who have even the smallest amount of DIY prowess. You start by entering your measurements which will then work out the price of your shutter. All options are set out in a step by step process. You finally give the shutter a name which can be something like "Bedroom" or Kitchen! Our shutter types include: Classic (MDF), Grovewood (Real wood)Vienna (ABS). Classic and Grovewood shutters are perfect for rooms such as: Bedrooms, Sitting rooms, Hallways, Studies, and Kitchens.  Vienna shutters are designed for rooms with high humidity and water such as bathrooms, shower rooms, en-suites, and kitchens. Make your own shutter kit

How to make your own shutter kit

  • Start by measuring your window. A guide on how this is done can be found clicking here
  • Select a Plantation shutter type by clicking here
  • Enter your measurements and click through the steps. Select your options on each step. For example, you can pick what colour you would like the hinges to be
  • Enter a name for the kit such as Bedroom 1 or Kitchen
  • Once that is all done proceed to the checkout page or click back to the Build A Shutter page to add another shutter kit to your cart.
  • Once all your window shutters are added to the cart, continue to the checkout page where you can make a secure online payment and you will receive an email confirmation of the order
  Get started on your order and see how much you can save!