DIY Window Shutters & DIY Wooden Blinds Measuring & Fitting Video Guides

So you have decided you want to Do It Yourself, well pretty mcuh all you need to know is included in our online video guides below. So sit back relax with a cup of coffee and we'll show you how easily you can transform any room using DIY Wooden Shutters.

DIY Wooden Shutters | Measuring Video Guide

Our video below is an online video guide on how to measure your DIY Wooden Shutters, we suggest you take a few minutes to watch our video before placing an order on the DIY Wooden Shutters Website. You can play or pause our video as many times as you like to ensure that you gather all the correct information before placing your order. 


DIY Wooden Shutters | Fitting Video Guide

Our Video Fitting Guide has been put together to ensure that we cover all aspects of installing your shutters right from opening the packaging to fixing your shutters in place. Our simple to watch installation video guide will slowly talk you through all the steps required to ensure your shutters are installed correctly, professionally without any hickups. We are confident that if our video guide process is followed you can easily install each shutter in a timely and efficient manner.