DIY Wooden Shutters

Plantation Shutters are Interior shutters that are typically divided into narrow units which are hinged so that two or more units cover each side of a window opening when closed.

Our DIY Plantation Shutters are operable louvered shutters have louvers or slats, controlled by a tilt bar or rod to adjust the louver position and keep them in a uniform position, to control light, visibility and airflow into your property.

DIY Plantation Shutters with operable louvers are described variously as traditional DIY Shutters, DIY California Shutters, or just simple Plantation Shutters. Plantation Shutters can be configured in a single tier unit that has one shutter top to bottom of a window opening as well as multiple tiers. Multiple tier units feature separate shutters on each tier which allows the top shutters to be opened independently from the bottom shutters. Café-type shutters refer to shutters that only cover the lower portion of a window.

Full height shutters can be made with a horizontal divider rail which separates the upper and lower portions of the shutter. With operable louvered shutters this gives greater control as the louvers above the divider rail can be operated independently from the louvers below the divider rail.

DIY Plantation Shutters are constructed from numerous woods, which can be painted or stained, and a variety of synthetic materials. Interior shutters that are made to close tolerances are preferable for the best possible fit. When louvers or tilt bar (rod) become damaged, replacement kits for these damaged parts may be ordered online and are easy to install.

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